HANDS-ON Instruction with Adiva murphy

There is nothing like attending a hands-on course to accelerate the learning process. Demonstrations and Symposiums are an excellent way to get some new ideas. When you can't be there in person, Adiva will coach video lessons online. However, nothing can replace spending one two or three full days with just you and your horse –just imagine the progress you'll make!


Western Dressage Clinics: Host a WD clinic to introduce riders to the new and evolving discipline of Western Dressage. Emphassis throughout the clinic will be on safety, accuracy, and lightness to show off your western type horses to the best of their natural ability. Covering introductory walk jog level to more advanced maneuvers of level 3.

Twincreeks Experience: A unique combination of a two day focus camp and all inclusive vacation for more information visit www.twincreeks.ca or email Deborah at twincreeks@shaw.ca
2016 Dates coming

Open Format: Create a clinic to meet your needs to include private lessons, horse training, lectures and more!

Contact clinics@adivamurphy.com for more details


Symposiums are one day clinics in the round pen or indoor arena at Adiva's. Auditing is only $20 per person There are 6 spots priced at $60 per lesson. While training or coaching is performed, Adiva explains step by step what she is doing, and there is a question and answer period. Topics may include round penning skills, seat training, trick training, liberty work, colt starting, and problem solving.

You will be impressed at the amount of knowledge and skill Adiva will demonstrate whether working on the ground work or in the saddle. The dramatic changes seen in difficult horses and break through moments for horses and riders are what these events are about. Attend these exciting opportunities to enjoy Adiva's unique style of education and inspiration!

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• Dressage
• Agility
• Trick Training
• Theory classes


CHA Certified Master Instructor English Level 4 / Level 4 Western. Grow confidence in yourself and your ability to work with your horse. Set goals and achieve them through a custom made horsemanship riding lesson to suit you and your horse. Programs for beginners to competitors, from school age to seniors.
• Private Lessons $60 ($45 for those boarding at Stargate Stables)
• Semi private 2-3 people $45pp ($30 for those boarding at Stargate Stables)
• Workshops $45

adiva canada first horse agiltiy club instructor

Horse Agility clinics and Competitions:

Canada's first HA accredited trainer and judge. Take this exciting opportunity to learn new ways to relate to your horse and having fun too! Great for any horse including Mini's – and as a way to enjoy your equine retirees too. If you're not able to ride your horse – this is also a great way to still enjoy their company. (And a great exercise regime for both horse and owner!).

Horse Agility clinic with competition held on a Saturday of each month in Tilley, AB
For more information on this growing Sport of Horse Agility www.thehorseagilityclub.com

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Watch for free educational demonstrations in your area. You'll be amazed at the level of communication Adiva demonstrates with her horses. Bridle-less riding, western and English, liberty acts with horses Cowgirl and Tucker designed to motivate, inspire and educate. Contact us today to book a demonstration at your show or special event.