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About Adiva

Adiva started her horsemanship experience growing up in Alberta on her parents Arabian breeding facility. Being raised on a ranch, Adiva quickly became inseparable from the horses. Beginning at the age of 5 she showed in English and western disciplines. From an early age Adiva demonstrated a gentle and fearless way with horses that foreshadowed her true calling.

jumping cowboy natural horsemanship

By the mid 1990's Adiva's talent with horses impressed Pat Parelli enough to make her a working student at his Natural Horsemanship University in Colorado for six months. After studying her level 3 Parelli Natural Horsemanship Adiva began to develop her own style. Her concepts began by studying the teachings of master horsemen like Bill Dorrance, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, John Lyons and Pat Parelli. Adiva then combined the knowledge of these experts with her own observations of horse behaviour to create her own unique and effective methodology.

Today Adiva resides in Tilley AB, where she continues with her own education western dressage and equitation science as well as holding a level 4 CHA certified master instructor status in english and western. Adiva continues her education in horsemanship and is broadening her skill sets. Adiva studies from horse behaviour specialists and from many new great clinicians and blends these ideas and concepts.

About Adiva the Horse Trainer and Clinician

Communicating to a horse like a horse.
Adiva Murphy has studied under some of the best Horsemen of our time. Seamlessly blending both English and Western disciplines, Adiva has created her own signature training, adding her own methods learned from hard work and dedication. She is a great communicator and talented horsewoman and clinician, bringing clarity and structure to her students by taking the complicated concepts of Horsemanship and breaking them down into clear, simple, straight forward steps that anyone can follow.

Adiva travels throughout the year, giving clinics, demos and lectures and has been a guest clinician at the Mane Event Horse Expo, in BC and Alberta. She has a long list of happy students and has trained hundreds of horses for satisfied customers of western and english disciplines.
Adiva Murphy Horsemanship is based on the teachings of these famous horsemen:

adiva horse show

Pat Parelli – Natural Horsemanship
Bill Dorrance – Horsemanship through Feel
Tom Dorrance – Horse psychology
Ray Hunt – Colt starting & horse psychology
John Lyons – Colt starting and foundation training
Clinton Anderson – Downunder horsemanship
Dr Millar – Horse Psychology
Mark Rashid
Certified Horsemanship Association
Equitation Science
- Andrew McLean

Adiva has decades of personal experience with colt starting and correcting problem horses. She continues to study from several trainers to improve her skills in all disciplines.