Adiva murphy cha master Instructor - level 4 eng/west

Adiva Murphy Horsemanship is dedicated to training horses and riders at all levels in a gentle yet effective manner. Emphasis is placed on the well-being of horse and rider while upholding classical techniques and presenting a systematic approach of training to the horse. Through a blend of classical and natural horsemanship the focus is on encouraging a deeper connection between horse and rider. With utmost sensitivity and awareness, lessons are tailored to suit individual needs and safety.

Adiva considers herself a lifetime student of the horse, believing there is no end to the learning process or to the expansive wisdom the horse has to offer. Inspired by the philosophies and methods of some of the greatest horsemen and horsewomen throughout history, she developed her own comprehensive system. Her instruction is inspired by the principles of natural horsemanship, classical dressageand modern science of training, and includes methods learned from her own experiences and dedication.

Her clinics provide the intense, individualized experience that establishes the important foundation cornerstones for successful horsemanship.  Each student benefits from Adiva’s multi-discipline approach and her ability as a coach, teacher and mentor to her clients. Specializing in transforming adult amateur riders into effective, confident riders and by placing emphasis on correct rider position in association with an understanding of horse and rider biomechanics, both horse and rider benefit in a holistic way as they develop their confidence and knowledge.

Whether your interest is to improve relationships with horses on the ground or in the saddle, to experience them for pleasure or to enter the world of competition, Adiva can help you and your horse realize your potential and turn your dreams of partnership into reality.

A personal note from Adiva:
"As a student of the horse, I understand that there's always more to learn and new techniques to try.  As an instructor, my goal is to strengthen the bonds between you and your horse no matter what your competitive goals may be.   I am an advocate for the horse's well-being and the safety of the rider. My training techniques improve communication between horse and rider by blending classical dressage training and natural horsemanship. My goal is to create a relaxed learning environment for horse and rider. I will identify your strengths and those of your horse, listen to your concerns and help you apply the basics of riding - to achieve your goals.  I have worked closely with experts in natural horsemanship and dressage, and have a special interest in preparing riders for the new Western Dressage discipline and Horse Agility" Adiva


Adiva was nominated two times for Coach of the Year

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